From last week: Ben Chiarot aces the hole at Vox in the Box #92Noon!

Still waiting for the Wild to lift off in the 2017-18 campaign? We are, too. Due to some disappointing results over the 6-game homestand, along with Monday night's bad loss in Beantown, I went back and listened to this moment from last week. I needed some positivity.

Vox in the Box last Tuesday, before any of us knew that a bad pass from Dumba would drop an L on the team and #92Noon's X-show record to start the season, Winnipeg Jets blue-liner Ben Chiarot made history. He became the first player to shoot a puck through the penalty box hole and snag the cash. 

He beat the patented distraction factor. Instead of a fresh Benjamin, he was award 30 British pounds, left over from PA's trip to London with the Vikings. 

Chiarot and MN's own Blake Wheeler chatted with the Vox --->

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