👀 You won't believe how fast Adam Thielen ran on that 65-yard TD!

There was a time when Adam Thielen would tell the media, tell his teammates and tell his coaches that he would race any player in the Vikings locker room and win. 

For the most part we laughed. 

We laughed cuz he was undrafted. We laughed cuz he played D2. We laughed for a bunch of reasons...and then today happened. 

According to Next Gen Stats, when Adam Thielen caught that 65-yard touchdown and pulled away from Rams defenders, he ran 20.58 miles per hour!

That's obviously super fast, but let me put this in context for you a little bit...

  • When Florence Griffith-Joyner set the world record for the Women's 200M in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, she ran 20.97mph.

  • The often underestimated Brown Bear can run 21.7 mph

  • Despite what Warner Brothers would lead you to believe, the road runner runs a top speed of 19.9 mph

  • A Black Mamba snake tops out at 20mph on land

  • A Dragonfly cruises at a top speed of 18 mph

  • A Bottlenose Dolphin can reach up to 21.7mph swimming through the water

  • Former KFAN Promotions Director Tim Hyde used to drive 20mph down 35W in the Winter

  • Different varieties of Penguins top out just over 20mph in the water

  • A Tiger Shark tops out at 19.9mph...A FREAKING TIGER SHARK!

Listen to the play-by-play call of Thielen's 65-yard TD in the player below...

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