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From all-American boy, to juvenile mischief-making delinquent, to blue-collar guy, to fledgling broadcaster, to radio talk show gadfly and "Radio Romeo," Being the Common Man: The Best of the Lousiest and the Lousiest of the Best takes you down the long and winding Yellow Brick Road of Dan Cole's life and times. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might even become physically ill reading the tall tales sown within these pages by self-proclaimed "Radio Gardener." You'll ride in the passenger seat as the Skip Barber Racing School graduate takes you through the twists and turns and hairpin curves of his childhood days, preteen athletic accomplishments, the Haight Ashbury days, and his town-to-town travels up and down the radio dial. The thrills and chills, the highs and lows the ebbs and flows of Common's nearly sixty years on earth and documented in this lighthearted look at the world through his eyes. Makes a great stocking stuffer, doorstop, or table leg leveler as well!

"I can honestly say 'The Common Man' is right up there on that Mount Rushmore of local broadcasters. Just don’t tell him I said so." - Mark Rosen




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