#92NOON PARODY: Keenum Was the Case

For those that appreciate 90's rap, Snoop's "Murder was the case" is one you've bounced to a few times.

Case Keenum kicks ass, so here's "Keenum was the Case!"


He's just another guy..

Seat filler, time killer, get us through the bye

Just another cog,

Dragon spits fire, as he emerges from the fog

Slap yourself, nah, you ain't dreamin',

Awwwh shucks, he's cooler than Willie Beamen,

He straight never ceases to amaze me,

It's funny his momma still calls him Casey,

In the middle of the night, wakes up,

Cold sweat, Pat Shurmur's face in the white light,

Trust the scheme, I'll make the game simpler

But how long will I start,

Well, you better ask Zimmer,

And will you keep pass rushers out my face?

You'll have Aaron Donald at your feet, choking on your shoelace,

So just take your time, just fire the dimes,

Make sure to tip the O-line,

I will..

KEENUMMMM, Keenum was the Case that they gave me,

KEENUMMMM, Keenum was the Case that they gave me,

Up here in MinneSNOWta,

Got the kid from Abilene filling red zone quotas,

The defense will try to keep up,

I keep racking my brain on how Jeff Fisher bleeped up,

He's got Mad Pat, fattest Elf I've ever seen,

Thirty yards downfield, blocking on a screen,

And he can dominate the pocket though,

To Diggs and Thielen, while minimizing stupid throws,

There's Rudy's big hands, always moving the chains,

66-thousand people in the House of Pain,

Check your ego, forget the fame,

When your arm falls short, there's a running game,

Agreed, it's time to engage the Jet speed,

Murray out the gate, making Tavon Wilson pee,

Borrowed time, well, he don't care,

When you got big balls, they'll stare,


KEENUMMMM, Keenum was the Case that they gave me (x4)

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