How much would it cost to power all of Clark Griswold's Christmas Lights?

It's the gold standard for Christmas decorating and it's one of our favorites on the show. Clark Griswold once decked out his house with 25,000 Christmas Lights, and once he got it up and running, it was glorious. Though it was amazing, it was probably pretty expensive too and now we know exactly how expensive it would be, ya know if you were looking to replicate Clark's masterpiece.

Thanks to the kind people at Estately we know that if you're using 100% LED light bulbs it would cost approximately $43 a month in Minnesota. But the Griswold's didn't have LED bulbs, so the cost per month with incandescent lights bumps that number up to $3,765 per month!!

Just be thankful that we don't live in Hawaii where it would cost $7,552 to power those lights!

Check out the full list from Estately below...

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