What's your favorite Christmas song? Here's mine...

It's hard to escape it this time of year, for better or for worse Christmas music really is EVERYWHERE! As for me, I love Christmas music!

I love the joy it brings, I love how more than any other season the musical accompaniment can simply change your mood, I love the symbolism and I love the depth in lots of Christmas music. Sure there are a few songs that I cannot stand (I'm looking at you Paul McCartney & Wings!), but many more that I enjoy.

But there's one song that I enjoy above and beyond many others. The song below is that song for me. It's by one of my favorite bands from my formative years, Relient K and it comes off an AWESOME Christmas Album that you should all check out when you can. 

This particular song is my favorite though. 

I like the vibe, I like the message and the hope that it brings. Check it out in the player below...

And if you're still looking to get into the Christmas spirit, might I suggest that you check out our sister-station KOOL 108 that is running non-stop Christmas music now through Christmas!

Give them a listen through the module below...

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