LIST: 10 Last Minute Techie Gift Ideas For The Loved Ones In Your Life

If you're anything like me you're preparing for the last minute scramble of getting a Christmas gift for the loved ones in your life in crunch time. Let "Santa Aj" help you out this year, at least with the decision making part of the equation. 

Here's a hand picked list of ten "techie" gifts that are still available for you to work ahead and order today!

1. Amazon Echo ($80) or Amazon Echo Dot ($30)

It's the perfect gift for dad, mom, grandma or grandpa because it's main purpose is to make life easier. Whether it's turning on and off lights, setting the DVR or listening to your favorite station on iHeartRadio (😉) the Amazon Echo is the perfect gift for someone who is ready to have technology be their best friend.
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2. Sphero R2-D2 App Enabled Droid ($179)

It's the perfect gift if you're shopping for Chad Abbott, but also perfect for any tech loving Star Wars fan in your life. The Sphero R2-D2 app enabled droid comes with integrated speakers, LEDs, holographic display and allows you to control the world's most beloved droid in the palm of your hand.[Purchase Now]

3. Nintendo Switch gaming system ($299)

If you listen to The Power Trip Morning Show at all you've probably heard by now but we're all OBSESSED with our Nintendo Switch and have been so since we got them at midnight on release night. It's the perfect combination of a next-gen system that you can dock at home and play on your TV as well as a portable system that you can literally pick up and take with you on the road continuing to play your game on the bus, at work or anywhere your heart desires. The best part for you, the system has been out now for nearly 9 months so you've got great games to choose from including Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 and many more. This might be the perfect gift for the gamer in your life this year![Purchase Now]

4. Vizio M-Series Smart TV (price varies)  

Who wouldn't want a new TV for Christmas, right? Well, if you're the gift giver in this situation I'd advise you to check out the Vizio M-series Smart TVs. I have one in our home and have loved it every step of the way. It's a great TV at an affordable price and the best part, it's wirelessly connected to our network and pulls in Netflix, Hulo, Amazon Prime, iHeartRadio and more to be played on your screen through the TV! [Purchase Now]

5. Intant-Pot ($75)

No Meatsauce, it's not that kind of instant pot, instead the Instant Pot might be my favorite gift I've given myself already this holiday season. A pressurized crock pot of sorts, the Instant Pot takes long, arduous cooking tasks and cuts the time more than in half. I'm talking taking frozen chicken breasts and having them cooked and shredded in less than ten minutes! It's a slow-cooker, a sauteer, a rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, food warmer, pressure cooker and more all in one and it's amazing![Purchase Now]

6. iRobot Roomba [$325]

I've held out long enough and I think this might be the year that we'll have to splash and get a Roomba vacuum cleaner. With a dog and a three year old our house is in a constant state of disarray. It might sounds silly, but not having to worry about vacuuming the floors is a dream come true of mine![Purchase Now]

7. Tile Anything Finder [$60]

Do you find that you are often times misplacing your phone around the house? Your keys? Your purse? That sort of thing NEVER happens and my house...but if it did...wink wink...this would be the perfect gift for us. The small tech product will help you locate your lost keys, phone, or whatever as long as the item is withing blue-tooth range![Purchase Now]

8. Ring Doorbell [$133]

Looking for a little extra peace of mind? The Ring Doorbell can give you just that. A Video doorbell that can either be motion or press button activated bringing you live video from your doorbell straight to your smart phone or computer.[Purchase Now]

9. SanDisk 64GB iXpand Base [$99]

Wouldn't it be cool if every time that you charged your phone it backed up all your date and photos at the same time? Well, your dream has now become a reality with the SanDisk iXpand base. Quick charge your phone while the device backs up your photos, messages and more automatically.
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10. Inspire Mac Candle No. 2 [$30]

Saving the best (and maybe nerdiest) for last, it's the Inspire Mac Candle No. 2. A Soy based candle with a scent that has been designed and crafted to remind you of the smell of a freshly unboxed Apple product.
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