LISTEN: #92Noon and 3 Downs of #Vikings Sound!

The Vikings are Division Champions and that's great! But everyone in the organization and all the fans would gladly trade in their NFC North Champion hats, if they received a Super Bowl ring in return.

We posed a few questions during #92Noon as part of 3 Downs of Vikings Sound....

-Who is the Defensive MVP of this squad? We're all obsessed with Case, but who is the straw that stirs the stiff drink that is the Vikings defense? Could be several right answers.

-Case making the case for a long-term contract? Seems like it. Variables include other players needing to get paid (Barr/Kendricks/Danielle Hunter, etc..), the apparent value of O Coordinator Pat Shurmur, the playoffs ahead of us...Is he our guy in 2018? How much will it cost?

-Is it OK to dream? No Vikings season has ever ended with a trophy presentation. Several have ended in heart breaking defeat. But the team has a chance to play postseason games in its house and, crazy enough, host its own Super Bowl appearance if the cards all fall the right way. Is it time to start getting excited with big aspirations and expectations for football in January...or even February?


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