Philly PD braces for a win (or a loss) by greasing the light poles downtown

We've heard a lot of hearsay about Philadelphia Eagles fans how they just simply take everything to the next level. We saw some of that this morning as we drove through a tailgate lot and were cussed at, threatened and tormented for ten straight minutes.

Well, apparently that's expected from the men in blue as well in the so called "City of Brotherly Love". This morning, police were spotted greasing the light poles downtown to prevent fans from climbing them following a win or a loss. 

Supposedly the preventative actions are being taken after Philly fans climbed the light poles to steal banners after the Phillies won a big game a few years back so today the grease the poles with Crisco.

Don't believe us, take a look at the picture below from Fox 9...


That's great and all but I feel like they'll take this as a challenge.


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