Here are the 157 new Emoji's we're all about to get on our phones...

It's becoming somewhat of a yearly occasion, new emoji's getting dropped onto our smart phones to add to the already too many that we have to choose from.

Well, the nonprofit group that regulates emoji's Unicode Consortium has trimmed the 2018 crop down to 157 new emoji's and there are a few that we've needed for a long time.

Along with the staple new hair colors, new hair styles and new smiley face variations we're now getting random legs, peacocks, pirate flags and my favorite super heroes and super villains.

Next up on the docket, get rid of some of the lesser used emojis and move the Snake Dragon to a more prominent spot as it's unequivocally the best emoji there is. 🐉

Here's the full slate of new emojis coming to your phone in 2018, they're scheduled to arrive in late  summer/early fall of this year...

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