Sure the Eagles get a SB ring, that's cool but I want the "Big Mac" ring 🍔

The Philadelphia Eagles are getting a Super Bowl ring after their victory over the New England Patriots. That's cool, that's great and all but I found the ring that I actually want and the ring that you should all want for your Valentine this holiday season!

It's called the "Bling Mac" and it's a specially designed hamburger ring designed and created by McDonald's.

The ring (pictured below) is made from 18-karat gold, has a bunch of diamonds on it, some sapphires and other precious stones as well and the best's shaped and looks like a Big Mac! All in all, it's worth approximately $12,500 and it could be really it could be yours!

McDonald's is running a contest right now that could land this Bling Mac ring on your finger. All you have to do is push out a tweet using the hashtag "#BlingMacContest" before Valentine's day and you're registered to win it. They'll pick the best tweet at that point and award the winner their spoils.

Below are a few more pictures of the Bling Mac ring...

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