The Patriots ran "Philly Special" against the Eagles back in 2015

Do you remember the "Philly Special" play that the Eagles ran against the Patriots on 4th and 1 near the goal line during the Super Bowl? Well, what if I told you that Doug Pederson and the Eagles got the idea for the play from the Patriots themselves?

First, watch the "Philly Special" play from this year's game for a refresher.

Okay, now hop in your time machine and travel back to 2015 with me. Doug Pederson wasn't with the Eagles, but he was one year away from becoming the coach so the tape from 2015 wouldn't have escaped him.

In a game that the Eagles would win 35-28, the Patriots and Tom Brady ran a play that looks almost identical to Philly Special. 

Seriously, check this out...

How crazy is that?

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