Vikings fans hilariously attempt to draw the Vikings logo from memory!

How well do you know your favorite teams logo?

It might not be quite how you recollect. The people over at put Vikings fans to the test and asked them to draw their favorite teams logo from memory. The results are hilarious.

Here's their explanation...

“While an average of 15 million people tuned into the first six weeks of the 2017 NFL season and over 111 million people watched Super Bowl LI – there’s one thing each team has in common, and it’s the same thing that sets them apart: their logos.

Considering how important the NFL and its teams are to millions of people, we asked over 150 people to draw 12 of the most popular team logos from memory. With nothing to go off of but their own recollection, we wanted to know just how well these sports icons stand out in the mind of NFL fans and non-fans alike. Here’s what they showed us.”

And here are the results...

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