Here's the proof that Tyler George's Olympic medal was predicted back in HS

Over the past few months we've become rather good buds with most of the United States olympic curling team, Team Shuster. Then those guys went to South Korea AND WON THE FREAKING GOLD MEDAL!!!

Now check this out...

The photo below is from Tyler George's senior yearbook at Duluth Marshall. Remember the part where you get so submit your own photo and make a prediction for the future? Well this was Tyler's prediction...

"Tyler George will win the Olympic Medal for curling."

CLARIFICATION: Tyler has chimed in from the airplane on his way back from South Korea and the prediction was actually made for him by the yearbook staff...

Word is the photo has been making it's rounds with Tyler's former classmates after Team Shuster's big win over the weekend. 

And best yet, pointed out by one of his high school buddies, "Not only is the prediction great (minus the spelling error) but the fact that his hoots are being grabbed by a guy named  Jason Sweetnam is hilarious."

Thanks for the photo Aaron!

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