Kyle Rudolph undergoes surgery on injured right ankle

For the final three weeks of the NFL season, Kyle Rudolph was in a lot of pain. Having suffered an ankle injury late in the season, Rudolph fought through the pain to help push his team to a first round playoff bye. 

That was huge for the limping tight end. 

"It hurt more in the last three regular season games," Rudolph told KFAN's Power Trip Morning show Wednesday. "Once we were able to get the week off and I was able to get almost ten full days off of it that helped a ton. In the Divisional round, NFC championship obviously it's there and you deal with it, but it was manageable. There's not a lot that's going on that's going to keep you out of that game."

Rudolph rolled into KFAN's studios Wednesday morning on a scooter with a boot on his right foot.

"Everyone knows I had the ankle deal towards the end of the year," Kyle said. "I knew it was inevitable to have it fixed. That's what the offseason is for, the glamorous life of the NFL offseason, you roll around on a scooter."

As Kyle stated, the surgery was a cleanup from the injury previously incurred and he expects to be ready and 100% healthy by the time the 2018 season rolls around.

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