Indy Intel: Mike Zimmer on #92Noon at the Combine!

#92Noon made its annual trip to Indianapolis for the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine, with PA and Charch doing two full shows on Radio Row!

NOTES and NUGGETS from Thursday's #92Noon chat with Mike Zimmer:

--MIKE ZIMMER fired up --  Zimmer is more emotional about his team than some think, and must have read some negativity about his stout defensive unit following the Philly Folly, because he something along these lines: "My defense has been tested for 20 years, and if it was so easy to go against, somebody would've figured it out already." We know the defense has only improved during Zim's tenure, with 2017 showcasing the greatness and elite nature of the scheme being executed by a core of some high-end playmakers. But when you get run out of the stadium in a 38-7 butt kicking in Philadelphia, it's difficult to remember the team that allowed 12 pts a game at home. He also conceded that the emotional victory the week before may have affected their ability to regroup and prepare for Philly.......

--For the QB situation, Zimmer made a point to mention that the team has won 40 games over his time here, and that they've done it as a team. He stressed the importance of making sure that the Vikings continue to "strengthen their strength," as in the defense, while looking to add pieces offensively. Without mentioning Kirk Cousins or any of the three QB's we already know, that statement could be taken as Zimmer pumping brakes on the idea of going all-in financially on a quarterback when the team needs cash to maintain its core in years to come....

--Zimmer was fairly frontal in regard to WR Laquon Treadwell. Says he works hard, wants to be great, but it isn't showing up on the field. He throws out a quote from his buddy Bill Parcells that, "first year benefit of the doubt, second year show me something, third year out." Says they'll continue to give him opportunities, but it's all on him.

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