Somebody save Paul Allen, he’s losing his mind! #PAsPrattle

Free agency and the Vikings.ESPN Insider Adam Schefter: "Down to for teams for Kirk Cousins. Jets, Vikings, Broncos, Cardinals."Florio and PFT Sunday (paraphrasing): "Jets convinced Cousins heading to Vikings, moving on to plans B, C and D.

"Manish Mehta, Jets Insider, NY Daily News (paraphrasing): "Jets very much still in with a chance to get Cousins despite recent chatter.

"Some Broncos Rube emailing me: "Come on our radio show. We think Cousins coming to Denver and it's a cinch."Softy from Seattle and KJR radio" "Join my show tonight at 5:28 your time. I hear you guys are getting Cousins."Carsc WR Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. ran into Cousins at an airport and begged him to play for Arizona.

Rube on twitter: "I love Cousins, sign him no matter the number."

Rube on twitter: "Sign Cousins for close to $30 million a year and it'll ruin the team."

Anonymous NFL friend texting me yesterday: "Cousins is better than Sam and it's not even close."

Anonymous NFL coach at Indy combine last week: "Why do you guys want Kirk for all that money. He'll drive Zimm crazy."

Former Redskins H-back Chris Cooley on a radio show or podcast today (paraphrasing): "Agent told me the Vikings are in on Cousins for three years and $91 million."

Text to Vikings friend for clarity on all this: "Crickets."

Rams DB Lamarcus Joyner gets the Franchise Tag today. Me: FML.

KFAN boss (paraphrasing): "It doesn't matter if the Vikings sign Kirk Cousins. If they don't fix the offensive line it won't matter." 

Me: "Boss, the offensive line was markedly better last year and while it needs tinkering it doesn't need an upheaval." 

Boss: "Go with that opinion #92Noon and you're fired."

My head is exploding. Father, make it stop.

Monday can't get here soon enough. That's when teams are permitted to negotiate with representation of players not on their rosters. "Legal tampering" is the oxymoron used in the business.

Free agency is underway a week from Wednesday.

Thank God.

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