Enough Cousins talk (for now), here’s who else PA has his sights on

Enough of Kirk Cousins for a minute, what about the rest of free agency and the Dallas Draft? Here are some tidbits on which to chew:

The Champs traded for DE Michael Bennett and, honestly, didn't give up a ton to get a quality defensive end. Why would Seattle move him? Must be some behind-the-scenes turmoil about which few know. Bennett can be undisciplined with being offside sometimes, but when on his game he changes things for the better of his defense.

What in the heck are these guys going to do with Brandon Graham, Chris Long, Derek Barnett and Bennett? 

Somebody's getting cut or traded and it seems to be Curry. I would LOVE for the Vikings to trade for Curry, who only had three sacks last season but impacts the game in a big-time way. Bennett is a better pure pass rusher than Curry, but Vinny's prowess off the edge is multi-faceted and after being a liability against the run early in his career he has become stout in that department.

I am a Vinny Curry fan and can't see a way the Eagles keep him unless he restructures and is willing to cut time with the other DE. He most likely is a goner in Philly and would complement Danielle Hunter and Everson Griffen beautifully here.

For those looking to bolster the Vikings OL in free agency with Patriots LT Nate Solder remember Belichick doesn't let you leave unless it's time to go either because (a) he knows more about the guy than the rest of the league or (b) New England has milked everything possible out of him and the worst is yet to come. As Matt Birk pointed out in studio #92Noon today he had problems in the Super Bowl and is not as good as Reilly Reiff. I'm out on Solder.

I am falling in love with Maryland rookie receiver D.J. Moore. Did some Sinkhole All-22 speculating today, and his route running is very crisp. He's slippery and has a wonderful color mbination of size and speed. He can return kicks and punts, too. This could be a second-round option for the Vikings, and I'd be cool with it.

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