WATCH: John Shuster recreates historic 5-point curling shot in Shuffleboard

It was the gold medal match in the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics and the United States was squaring off against Sweden for a chance at their first ever gold medal in curling.

In the eight end, after a few unsuccessful stones from the Swedes, Team Shuster had a chance for a game changing play. Team captain John Shuster was up and with the final stone in the eighth end he made a play that changed their lives forever. 

Sliding in a perfect shot to knock out the two Swedish stones and land another inside for the U.S. Shuster secured a 5-point shot taking the game from a 5-5 tie to a 10-5 U.S. lead!

The other day, Sports Illustrated set the scene on a shuffleboard table and let Shuster give it a go again and this time around he nailed a 6-point shot!

Check it in the video below...

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