NFL players are actively recruiting Kirk Cousins, why aren't the Vikings?

Social media has completely changed our world, and the NFL with free agency is not exempt from that. 

Over the past few weeks we've seen something interesting happening. While there are incredibly strict rules in place that prevent teams from tampering with soon to be free agents by contacting them before the negotiating window opens, but when it comes to players of those teams the rules are a little more gray.

It's happened twice now, we've seen players from two separate teams actively recruiting free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins. 

First it came from Von Miller and Emmanuel Sanders of the Denver Broncos who took it upon themselves on Twitter to attempt to woo Cousins away from other suitors.

And now it's players from the Arizona Cardinals that are putting on the full court press. First Larry Fitzgerald ran into Cousins at an airport in Atlanta and according to Cousins himself was doing a good job recruiting him to the Cardinals and then running back David Johnson took to social media today to put in one final push.

So what gives, why are players around the league putting in a heavy push for Kirk Cousins and meanwhile Vikings players are staying out of the weeds?

Is it because they feel pretty good about their chances to land Cousins without any extra effort? Is it because they don't feel the need to broadcast it publicly to show fans they at least tried if they come up short? Is it because Vegas is already pinning the Vikings as the favorites as are numerous other reports?

I take this recruitment silence as a good sign. Let's call it quiet confidence from the likes of Thielen, Rudolph, Diggs and Cook!

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5 reasons why Kirk Cousins would choose the Vikings over the guaranteed $$$

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