Cousins included some interesting search tags on his farewell blog...

Just a short time ago former Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins posted a Farewell Washington post to his blog saying goodbye and thank you to the team that gave him his break in the NFL. 

While the context of the post was genuine, people are dissecting and bringing to light some of the "search tags" that Cousins included on his post. A search tag is generally used for Search Engine Optimization to help the post pop up in Google Searches and searches within the to locate a post.

What's interesting about the search tags on Cousins post, was that among words like "Redskins", "quarterback" and "Kirk Cousins" were the words "Jets" and "Vikings".

In the tweet below you can see the post where Ben Goessling of the Star Tribune captured it at about 1:30pm.

This observation blew up online as speculation for Cousins' landing spot is in full-effect. In a quick check of Cousins' blog now, after the inclusion was highlighted, you can see that the search tags no longer include "Jets" and "Vikings". It would appear as if someone got to the quarterback and alerted him of the issue...

These are the sorts of things we'll be dissecting, over and over again until this ordeal is finalized so buckle up, you're in for a treat!

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