#PAsPrattle: Case Closed, and what that means for Kirk Cousins...

Case closed, right? Multiple reports indicate QB Case Keenum is joining the Denver Broncos, which in my estimation means the Vikings are a step closer to signing Kirk Cousins to become the next starting quarterback. I'm totally fine with Cousins leading our offense if it happens but also very much appreciate what Keenum gave this football community.

Case Keenum chucked up the 'Miracle. I mean, Diggs had to catch it and stay in bounds and rookie S Marcus Williams had to blow it for the Saints, but Case delivered the ball on time, and we were off to Philly. Great season-saving signing by GM Rick Speilman.

Keenum handled his spot here with aplomb. He gave the team the best run for $2 million it ever will get. When they dusted off Sam for that Monday-night game at Chicago Keenum entered right before halftime and won the game after Bradford couldn't get around that balky knee.

His games versus the Bucs and Rams at U.S. Bank Stadium were special. His picks in the Redskins and Saints games were not.

Kirk Cousins is a better quarterback than Case Keenum. He has better arm talent, is taller and is much more of a "pocket" guy than Case. This in no way is meant to disparage the awesome season Case gave us -- top five in Vikings lore -- it's just Cousins gives you more chances in the down-field passing game than Case. Granted, he'll cost more, but the Vikings have done such a good job drafting defense they can afford to pay the premium to lock down the QB position.

This is all under the assumption Kirk Cousins ends up in Minnesota, but that's been my belief for sometime. Kirk makes plays, but so did Case. The thing with Keenum, though, is he would break the pocket so frequently plays would go off schedule, and it's tough to figure if that wins year after year. Cousins is a player who stays in the pocket longer than Case, and success with this comes under the assumption he is protected well enough to stay in said bubble to execute his toil.

If/when the Vikings close on Kirk Cousins the feeling at TCO Performance Center cannot be the work is done; it's just an important piece added to the equation. The offensive line still needs fortifying, the three-technique spot needs work and they may need more competition for Mackenzie Alexander and his "nickel" spot. Too, if they lose Jerick McKinnon via free agency they'll need a running back, and I'd like to see them draft a wide receiver who can play games and help on special teams. We need another tight end, too.

It was a pleasure working with Case Keenum, and I wish him well in Denver.

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