Here are all the details on the MONSTER Kirk Cousins deal with the Vikings

It didn't take long after the news of the contract signing broke to get the specifics of the deal. 

Remember this deal and particularly the structure of it is very important being fully guaranteed. How it's broken out may determine what the Vikings are able to do in free agency for years to come. 

According to Albert Breer, Cousins cap hit is only $24 million in 2018, $29 million in 2-19 and then $31 million in 2020.

It's an interesting breakdown on the Vikings side since he'll be getting less guaranteed in 2018. That means they won't necessarily front load the deal in preparations for the contracts coming due in 2019 (Barr, Kendricks, Diggs, Hunter, Waynes) but it leaves them more room to shop around and build the team a little bit this year.

Is that extra money for a guy like Sheldon Richardson or maybe a little extra they can throw at the Honey Badger?

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