Kirk Cousins just got paid, here's why he drives his grandma's dented van

It will be an interesting sight at the Vikings new team facilities in Eagan this season. Take a stroll through the Vikings players parking lot and you'll see souped up pickups, Mercedes Benz C-Classes, sports cars and pimped out SUVs...then you're going to see a dented 2000 conversion van that is driven by the richest player in the NFL.

That's right, Kirk Cousins is assumed to be bringing his 2000 GMC Savanna to Minnesota and drive it as his primary vehicle just as he did in Washington D.C. with the Redskins.

So why does the highest paid player in the league drive an old dented van? Because this man loves his grandma.

Kirk bought the 15 year old van from his grandma a few years back because it held sentimental value to him. It was the van that the family used for road trips when he was a kid. 

“I gave her five grand for it and she was kind enough to call it a deal,” Cousins told NBC Sports late last year. “I’ve put a little more [money] into to it, to try and update it a little bit.”

It's Cousins goal to purchase appreciating assets rather than depreciating assets saying that after you drive a car off the lot or pull a yacht out of port, it immediately loses value. That's not the case for Grandma's GMC.

Kirk did admit that he put a little money in it to spruce it up a bit and could certainly use another vehicle to get from home to practice. But when family is in town to see a game, there's not a better vehicle than a bulky conversion van to cram everybody into one car and head out to the stadium!

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