The MLB is hosting a food festival w/one signature item from each team!

The MLB hasn't often been tied to cutting edge ideas over the years. In fact it's been quite the opposite as they stick to their guns and do many things the way they did them back in the old days.

Thankfully, when it comes to food most stadiums are becoming innovative adding some signature area foods to the menu to complement the peanuts and cracker jacks. Well, thumbs up to the MLB for this next idea as well. 

The MLB will be hosting a two-day food festival in New York this April that will feature one signature item from each MLB team's ballpark.

For the Minnesota Twins, their Target Field representative will be the "Kurd Marczuk", a bratwurst covered with deep fried breaded cheese curds and gravy. 

Looking at the rest of the list in the tweet above I have one question...who wants to take a trip to NYC with me this april?!?

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