Here's what I ate on day two on the #PowerTripVegas trip...

Welp, day number two in Vegas is a wrap. 

Aj has survived and we're still chugging along strong! Vegas is bonkers, but when you focus on the food, you're good to go. Just like yesterday's run down of "What I ate day #1 in Las Vegas", we're back again for the rundown of all the delicious food we've been crushing while here in Vegas.

Here's what I have realized already, we're on an altered meal schedule down here in Vegas. I munch on a bunch of fries or something during the show and then crush a MASSIVE lunch and a MASSIVE dinner.

I should also note that, yes while I'm consuming tons of delicious good down here, I didn't really have two entrees for each of these meals, my wife and I are splitting everything so that we can experience double the goodness during our time here.

So here we go...

Day number two started off with a "brunch" across the street at Hexx Kitchen and Bar where I went lunch with what might have been the best Grilled Chicken BLT which was the bomb! Then Abby got a Farm Fresh Eggs breakfast to round it all off nicely and holy smokes those home fried potatoes were so stinking good!

We walked the strip for most of the morning and into the afternoon ending up over in "The Linq" area and poked in and out of a few shops. One such shop was a cupcake shop my wife had her eye on called Sprinkles. After much deliberation we landed on the Chocolate Marshmallow cupcake which had a dark chocolate ganache topping with marshmallow filling. Those parts were great but I wasn't the biggest fan of the cupcake itself...naturally, I still ate it all.

Then dinner...oh boy dinner was good!

We went across the street into the Cosmopolitan and ate at Holsteins. It was these crazy looking shakes that Carly tweeted from the other week that brought me in, but those were alcoholic so we chilled out and got a delicious strawberry malt to kick it off. We then ordered up ourselves a sweet Turkey Burger and then a "Gold Standard" burger which WAS MY JAM! It was a sirloin burger, with goat cheddar cheese, tomato confit and the best garlic aioli spread I've ever had in my life!

Big plans for today's food. I think we're hitting Eggslut today for breakfast and then I'm indulging in my first real experience of In N' Out...then dinner is a free agent. Any suggestions?!?

Here's what I ate on day one on the #PowerTripVegas trip... - Thumbnail Image

Here's what I ate on day one on the #PowerTripVegas trip...

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