Here's what I ate on day three of the #PowerTripVegas trip...

I've always said the first step to a good weight loss program is eating a good amount of delicious food on vacation first, and then working on losing the weight after you get home. Safe to say I'm well into step number one on this #PowerTripVegas trip. 

For those of you who have been following this journey, welcome back. If you haven't and you're curious, here are my posts from Day One and Day Two for you to check out. 

The show wrapped up yesterday morning and after crushing some mozzarella sticks with Sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings, a buddy and I ran over to Eggslut across the street to grab breakfast and bring it back to the room for the girls.

I was too hungry to wait to take a picture of the Sausage, Egg and Cheese sandwich that I got but I was able to snap a photo of the bacon, egg and cheese I got for my wife. These bad boys were both super good!

By the time that lunch had rolled around, the rest of the crew was awake and ready to get some grub. Lunch has been one of the "bigger" meals for us on this trip and this was no different. We made our way up the strip a little bit to Tom's Urban and got settled in for some grub.

Abby and I split our gigantic portions again so we got the Adobo Chicken Nachos and the chicken potstickers.

The potstickers were super solid. A little kick of spice, a lot of flavor and a sweetish teriyaki sauce to dip them in. But the star of the show was these freaking nachos! I'm talking best nachos I've ever had, and trust me I've had a lot of nachos!

Melty cheese on top with all the fixings, a salsa aioli sauce drizzled across the top and then some really good salsa verde guacamole to dip it in. Oh yeah, did I mention it was all served in a puddle of queso too!

For first dinner, we finally followed through and went across the street to the Cosmo and ate at Secret Pizza. You won't be able to find it in any of the brochures, there's no signs pointing you there, only a dark unmarked hallway with photos and album covers on the wall leading you to a hole in the wall pizza joint, but holy smokes was this good!

We've gotten a ton of suggestions for good pizza places here in Vegas and I haven't been able to try them all but I'm glad we hit up Secret Pizza. 

Knowing that this would only be our "first dinner" we took it easy but the slice we got, a pepperoni and ricotta cheese, was so stinking good! Great ricotta cheese, garlic white sauce and big pieces of pepperoni. I split it but I could easily have eaten two slices on my own...maybe tonight!

And finally, for "second dinner" we had to hit up In-N-Out Burger.

Up until then, the only time I've ever had In-N-Out Burger was when listener Spencer bought it in California for us, deconstructed it, froze it, brought in on a plane, re-constructed it in the studio, warmed it in the microwave and served it to us for breakfast. I really appreciated all the effort and it was good then, but I figured I should give a fresh one a try.

The burger was great, I got a double-double and loved the kick of thousand island, onions and patties, super good. That said I wasn't the biggest fan of the fries. They were a little dry for me, a little flavorless...but naturally I still ate them...all of them!

Another big day on tap for Saturday so we'll be back again for one more day of Vegas Eats!

Here's what I ate on day one on the #PowerTripVegas trip... - Thumbnail Image

Here's what I ate on day one on the #PowerTripVegas trip...

Here's what I ate on day two on the #PowerTripVegas trip... - Thumbnail Image

Here's what I ate on day two on the #PowerTripVegas trip...

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