This is the single best new food item at Target Field for 2018...

Today was the best day of the year!

The food was on display today at Target Field as the head chef and the Minnesota Twins held their annual new food tasting for the media leading up to the home opener on Thursday afternoon.

As you can see in the gallery below, there were a lot of fantastic foods on display. I'm talking blue cheese covered bacon wrapped tenderloin from Murray's Steakhouse, frozen hot chocolate from Andrew Zimmer, a new breakfast sandwich bloody mary and much more. 

But one item stood out above them all for me. It is the food of my people, from Holy Land and it blew me away. 

Served with a side of pita chips and hummus, the Holy Land is serving up a new Arabic Chicken Schawarma, and yes I went back for seconds at this free food tasting event! It was so stinking good!

Check out this gallery of all the new foods to try at Target Field in 2018...

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