The Masters will be kicking out fans who yell "Dilly, Dilly!" on the course

The PGA has a problem. It's been growing for weeks, months, even years now and it's time that somebody takes matters into their own hands. 

A few years back, someone got on T.V. because they yelled a funny phrase during the tense quiet moments on the green of a tournament. I believe the grand daddy of them all that kicked off the trend was some guy yelling "mashed potatoes". Whatever.

We all thought it was funny for a little bit but as it became more popular and the fans got drunker and drunker, people started yelling offensive things and doing it during a players backswing.

To help combat this, Augusta National Golf Club has developed a list of banned phrases that will result in the immediate removal of a fan from the premises. As you can see in the message below, security team members have been handed a sheet with a list of forbidden terms and yes, as reported, "Dilly Dilly" is on the list of banned phrases.

I guess that's going to make it a tough guys weekend for the Bud Knight...

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