Get ready Minnesota, another 12" snow storm is coming this weekend! coming.

Or as it appears to be this year, Winter is never going to freaking leave! It snowed last week, it snowed the week before, and hey, sorry to say but it's going to snow again this weekend. In fact, parts of the KFAN Radio network could get pounded with up to a foot of snow when all is said and done.

Yeah I know, it's 45 degrees outside today, and yeah I know, "weather terrorists this" and "weather terrorists that", but it's my job to report the news and this is what the radar is telling me as of today.

It's gonna start raining on Friday and the temperature is going to drop. We all know what happens in that case, the roads go to glare ice and the rain turns into snow. Depending on when the temp drops low enough, the Twin Cities could get 5"-8" when it winds down Saturday night. Go a little north, closer to St. Cloud and you're looking at up to a foot of snow to shovel. [source]

If you're like me and are boycotting Winter's last days, it's going to be mid 40s again next week so it should last all that long.

Buckle up everybody, it could be a fun weekend!

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