Here are 10 things food safety experts won't eat, do you eat them?!?

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Food safety is something that I am very aware of. Thankfully, my wife pays attention to recalls like a hawk, makes sure our food is safely cooked and washes fruits for us as if they were contaminated. She's looking out for her people and it's awesome.

But today I stumbled across this list of "10 Things Food Safety Experts Won't Eat" from the Food Network and I raised my hand nearly ten times, guilty as charged.

I mean, they're effectively telling us not to eat things like Buffets, potlucks and Sushi...aren't those like three of the main food groups?

CLICK HERE to check out the rest of the list, let me know how much of it you think is bogus and if you think this will change your eating habits in the slightest?

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