Sega announces upcoming release of "Mega Drive Mini", the Sega Genesis Mini

Marking the 30th anniversary of the console's original release of the Mega Drive, or as it was known here in the states the Sega Genesis, Sega has announced the upcoming release of the "Mega Drive Mini" coming up later this year.

Stemming off of the recent successes of the NES Mini and Super NES Mini, it seems like a safe play for a system with the nostalgia level of the Sega Genesis.

We don't have much insight on which games will be included but if the Aladdin game, Road Rash and Tommy Lasorda Baseball are not on it, count me out!

One thing we do know, according to Polygon, is that one of the most popular Sega Genesis games "Sonic 3" might not be included due to copyright issues with the music in the game.

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