Here are THREE Stranger Season 3 rumors already confirmed to be true!

If you're anything like me you are obsessed with the Stranger Things series on Netflix. That's kind of a loaded statement because the numbers are out there, I already know that it's one of the platforms most successful entities and based off of our Twitter conversations, I know you like it as well!

Recently, I was able to get my mom and dad hooked on the show as well. They burned through both seasons in right around a week and subsequently became hooked as well. They're so hooked in fact, I'm sure they saw this post on my Twitter or Facebook and are reading this right now...Hi Mom! Hi dad!

Anyways, as we sit here and speculate (until 2019, ugh) leading up to Season 3's release, there are a few things that are now confirmed for the upcoming episodes...

107 Stranger Things Facts You Should Know - Thumbnail Image

107 Stranger Things Facts You Should Know

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