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When you finish in first the schedule next season is anything but a proverbial walk in the park. Who cares? The Vikings are long and strong and will take (win?) them as they come.

WEEK ONE (Sept. 9) SAN FRAN Noon -- Jimmy G, welcome in the water's warm. Jerick the Jet is back at U.S. Bank Stadium, too

WEEK TWO (Sept. 16) at GREEN BAY Noon -- Good weather v ARodg. Anthony Barr already is excited. Kirk Cousins might go after the first-round DB GB is going to select next week.

WEEK THREE (Sept. 23) BUFFALO Noon -- Former Vikings HC Leslie Frazier (DC for Bills) will have his defense amped for this one. It's Buffalo so it just sounds like a win for the Vikings.

WEEK FOUR (Sept. 27) at L.A. RAMS 7:20 p.m. -- Good to get the Thursday clomp out of the way early. Maybe we'll let them score over the final 55 minutes of the game this time. Lol.

WEEK FIVE (Oct. 7) at PHILLY 3:25 p.m. -- Great, an afternoon game which means more time to hang with those diseased fans. Payback time here, boys, so let's get it done. Former Vikes WR Mike Wallace will try to ruin our day.

WEEK SIX (Oct. 14) ARIZONA Noon -- The last time Sam Bradford played at U.S. Bank Stadium he was the NFC Offensive Player of the Week. Everson will try to knock him not retirement.

WEEK SEVEN ((Oct. 21) at JETS Noon -- Te, Te, Te, Teddy and the Jets. Are we likely to catch one of these rookie QBs NY will draft in the first round next week? Only time will tell, Davey.

WEEK EIGHT (Oct. 28) SAINTS 7:20 p.m. -- "It's a MIRACLE, a true blue spectacle, a MIRACLE come true."

WEEK NINE (Nov. 4) LIONS Noon -- Probably a typical low-scoring meat grinder game against the Lions. By this time the guard we draft in the first round should totally be up to speed and wonderfully complementing Pat Elflein.

WEEK 10 BYE WEEK -- Falls at a perfect time; see you in Vegas.

WEEK 11 (Nov. 18) at CHICAGO Noon -- Always tough winning at Soldier Field, but Zimmer has found a way to do it twice during his head coaching career. Maybe Cousins will go at rookie safety Derwin James to make sure he's all squared away.

WEEK 12 (Nov. 25) GREEN BAY 7:20 p.m. -- Maybe by this time ARodg will have revolted because GB management didn't give him say in personnel decisions. Who cares? We are better and might sweep them again.

WEEK 13 (Dec. 2) at NEW ENGLAND 3:25 p.m. -- Tough beating Brady and Belichick in December. All hands on deck for this one. New Pats OT Mike McGlinchey might be a handful for Everson early, but the veteran will find a way to get the rookie late. Cordarrelle Patterson will run a bad route, and Brady will throw one to Xavier Rhodes, who will get to the end zone.

WEEK 14 (Dec. 10) at SEATTLE 7:15 p.m. -- New Seattle corner Josh Jackson will struggle with Adam Thielen, and the Vikings win a high-scoring game.

WEEK 15 (Dec. 16) MIAMI Noon -- After four consecutive rough-and-tumble tilts will be nice to catch the 'Fins after they have been eliminated from playoff contention.

WEEK 16 (Dec. 23) at DETROIT Noon -- Will be a huge NFC North game. New Lions RB LeGarrette Blount will try to grind on one of the NFL's best defenses. We'll be fine.

WEEK 17 (Dec. 30) BEARS Noon -- Two years ago in this spot they threw a TD pass to the QB. Last season they tricked us for a PR TD. This year they start with an onside kick and we recover. Feels like our every-year season-closing win against Chicago.

Vikings set for MNF game at Seahawks in December? | KFAN 100.3 FM - Thumbnail Image

Vikings set for MNF game at Seahawks in December? | KFAN 100.3 FM

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