Tenna's Tenna: Top 10 Vikings Draft Picks in Spielman Era

It's draft week and I don't do mock drafts, so here's something else that's meaningless that I'm hoping you'll click on. It's my Top 10 Minnesota Vikings Draft Picks of the Rick Spielman Era (2012-2018! 

10. Jerrick McKinnon, Round 3, #96 overall, 2014: Was never the featured back but proved to be valuable when Adrian Peterson and Dalvin Cook have gotten injured. And the JET got PAID this offseason.

9. Teddy Bridgewater, Round 1, #32 overall, 2014: Unfortunately we never got to see this play out to determine whether this was a good pick or not. Regardless, he did lead the team to an 11-5 record and a playoff appearance.

8. Anthony Barr, Round 1, #9 overall, 2014: Somewhat of an enigma over the years after showing so much potential in Year 1. He's one of those guys that 3 years from now could be near the top of the list or considered a bust.

7. Danielle Hunter, Round 3, #88 overall, 2015: Hunter didn't quite meet the high expectations placed on him last season. That being said, 25.5 sacks for a 3rd round pick is good value and he has first round athletic ability. Maybe more to come?

6. Pat Elflein, Round 3, #70 overall, 2017: Was immediately one of the best offensive linemen, which frankly, college linemen don't make that easy of a transition these days. 3rd round is a steal for a guy I suspect will be a Pro Bowler at some point.

5. Dalvin Cook, Round 2, #41 overall, 2017: Another guy with a small sample size due to an unfortunate injury, but 444 all-purpose yards in the first 3 1/2 games is pretty good. It was also nice to see a running back that could run, catch, block and didn't need to be taken out on 3rd downs for the first time in a decade.

4. Eric Kendricks, Round 2, #45 overall, 2015: He can go sideline-to-sideline with the best of them and can cover backs and tight ends, which is very important in today's game.

3. Harrison Smith, Round 1, #29 overall, 2012: Arguably the best safety in the NFL. 

2. Xavier Rhodes, Round 1, #25 overall, 2013: Thankfully Rhodes turned out, because the other two first round picks in 2013, Sharrif Floyd and Cordarrelle Patterson, are no longer on the team. Rhodes is the best Vikings CB in my lifetime and has excelled against the top WRs in the league. #RhodesClosed

1. Stefon Diggs, Round 5, #146 overall, 2015: All of the first round picks the Vikings have spent at WR and free agent cash they've thrown over the years and the team now has a 5th round pick and an undrafted receiver have turned out to be their best. Diggs is a borderline Top 10 WR and they got him at phenomenal value in the 5th round. 

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