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It's been the philosophy for Rick Spielman for years now. Walk away from the draft with 10 players and you've got a better chance of hitting a home run.

I'm not completely sure I agree with the logic there, but what I can say is that the Vikings are currently sitting with less than ten picks, eight in fact. So under that logic, it's up to trader Rick to accumulate two more somehow before the draft ends.

One of the more popular avenues for Spielman and the Vikings in years past has been to trade back from the end of the first round and get a player they still like plus a pick or two to start the second round. 

According to Rick Spielman, those conversations have already begun and they were spurred from other teams who have reached out inquiring about the team's 30th overall pick in the first round.

"I've had four calls over the last few days [for trades]," Spielman shared Tuesday. "I don't want to trade out though if there's a player that falls to us."

The 30th pick is an attractive pick for teams as it's the last of the picks in the first round, all of which come with a fifth year team option tacked onto the back end of the rookie contract. Teams that are drafting early in the second round might consider jumping ahead of someone else to grab a player they like and nab that fifth year option as well.

The Vikings though, have not always opted for the trade back method. In fact, just last year they did the opposite and traded up to get players that they really wanted.

"If there's a Dalvin Cook like last year, we went and traded up," Spielman said.

They did the same for Pat Elflein in the third round, in fact last year when it was all said and done the Vikings traded up twice and down seven times walking away with 11 total picks from the 2017 class.

"It's not planned," Spielman explained. "It's more reactive to what's happening and how the names are falling off the board and also what the depth is as that particular position. If it's a deep class at a particular position and we can move down, still get that player and another pick, why wouldn't you do that."

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