Vikings DE Everson Griffen back at it after full tear of plantar fascia

Photo: Aj Mansour | KFAN

Through the first eight weeks of the 2017 NFL season Everson Griffen was tearing the league apart. 

He was in the midst of an 8 game sack streak where he had tallied 10 sacks...and then something happened.

The impact that Griffen was having on a weekly basis seemed to teeter off. He was no longer the same disruptive force in the backfield, wasn't pressuring the quarterback and wasn't tallying the sacks. 

So teams adjusted.

No longer did the opposition need to double up on Griffen anymore. They didn't need to playcall away from his side, they could play straight up and in that respect had the advantage over the Vikings defense.

As the season was waning, we started to hear that Griffen had an injury to his plantar fascia, the fibrous tissue on the bottom of your foot from your toes, through your arch and back to your heel. 

Well, today we found out the extent of that injury, a full tear of the plantar fascia!

"I tore it week nine," Everson told us at the Vikings Twin Cities Orthopedic facility Tuesday. "I played the rest of the season on it but if anybody has an [injured] plantar fascia, I completely tore mine."

Griffen was able to tough it out and stay in the game, but as mentioned above was not the dominating force that he knew he could be.

Now, months after the injury and months after the team's final game of the season, Griffen is finishing up his rehab program and ready to get back at it for another season.

"It's doing great," Griffen added. "I feel good, I'm excited to be back here going on my ninth year."

Griffen was not taking part in the team workout at the Indoor Practice Field but it was unclear whether that was related to his injury or not.

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