Former Vikings QBs getting rookie competition with their new teams...

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The Minnesota Vikings saw a lot of quarterbacks come and go over this current offseason. Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford all parted ways from the Minnesota Vikings and headed off to see if the grass would be greener on the other side.

So far, through the first ten picks in the 2018 NFL Draft two of them will now have new blood in the locker room and a young, highly valued rookie to compete with for reps in practice.

It started first with the New York Jets and Teddy Bridgewater. When Teddy signed with the Jets during free agency he was the only quarterback on roster with experience...that lasted less than a day as the Jets re-signed Josh McCown. The Jets then traded a boat-load to move up three spots from #6 to #3 in this year's draft and selected Sam Darnold out of USC. So before he even took a single snap with his new team, Teddy Bridgewater had already been demoted to third string.

Next up, it was Case Keenum as the Denver Broncos picked #5 overall. Though there were some second thoughts by the analysts, Keenum escaped the competition and the Broncos added DE Bradley Chubb to the mix.

Then, at the #10 spot the Oakland Raiders traded back with the Arizona Cardinals now commandeering the tenth pick. With Josh Rosen on the board, the Cardinals made the pick and gave Sam Bradford some high level competition from a rookie.

It's two very different scenarios for Bridgewater and Bradford,  but both of them are going to be hearing footsteps behind them as Training Camp opens and if they do take hold of the position at first sign of trouble, the fan bases will be lobbying for the rookie to get a shot right away.

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