Wait, did the Vikings go out & sign Kerry Collins to play QB? | KFAN 100.3

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The Minnesota Vikings spent most of their offseason focused on the quarterback position. With that, there was A LOT of transition in the QBs room over at the team's headquarters. Three household name quarterbacks were on their way out the door (Bridgewater, Bradford and Keenum) and two more were on their way in to the facility (Cousins and Trevor Siemian).

Well according to a report that CBS Sports pushed out earlier this morning, the Vikings might have been sneaking around signing another QB right under our noses!

In an alert push that was sent out to mobile devices earlier Wednesday morning, CBS Sports shot out a headline saying "Five Questions QB Kerry Collins must answer in his first season with the Vikings".

I mean, wow. I knew that Mike Zimmer was a little bit of a rogue wolf and that maybe from time to time his and Rick Spielman's decisions can catch people off guard, but wow, to go out and get a 45-year old quarterback who has been retired for the past six-seasons seems like a desperate move.

Okay, so in reality this must have been a typo but how about a typo of epic proportions! We'll never know, but I would love to dig back on this one and figure out how the person who pushed this out landed on Kerry Collins rather than Kirk Cousins? I have to believe it was some sort of alphabetical list issue where the K.C. from both names were simply side-by-side. 

Just think of how many hoops this had to go through before being pushed out live as an alert?!

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