WATCH: Aj goes for completion of the 20-McNugget Challenge | KFAN 100.3 FM

Earlier this week the boys began discussing how many chicken nuggets they thought they could eat in a 3-minute period of time. They put the number at 20 and started questioning whether or not it could be done. Cory said no, Ben said no, Paul was unsure, Hawkey and Aj both thought they could do it.

Yesterday, Chris Hawkey gave it a go and came up short consuming only 13 chicken nuggets in the allotted 3-minute time period. Today, the bets would be paid off as Aj gave it a go with Ben Leber sitting courtside. 

Below is the video documenting the struggle..,

Sauce pre-maturely stopped the video but the bet was settled with Aj winning having eaten all 20-nuggets in a time of 2:53 after showboating down the finish.

Here's the podcast of the entire ordeal including the set up, the contest and the breakdown afterwards if you feel so inclined...

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