Violent hazing video surfaces after Alabama quarterback suffers broken arm

I don't really have words for this video you're all about to watch.

Let's just say this first. We were all a little dumb as high schoolers, but man the oblivious nature of this group not only carrying out the heinous act but then to film it, share and post it simply thinking that they are invisible.

That said, let's set the scene. 

The video was taken at the end of April and it showcases the tradition of the football team at an Alabama high school as a 14-year old quarterback was promoted to the varsity team. To celebrate, the team held the young man down throwing VICIOUS punches at him and then drop kicking him throwing their full body weight on his body.

The young man suffered a broken arm and upon the surfacing of the video the family has filed a $12 million lawsuit against the school district.

The family is looking for the $12 million in damages and for all the football coaches from the team to be fired and that 20 students taking part in the movie face felony charges. 

WARNING: This video contains GRAPHIC violence.

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