Chipotle dethroned as "America's favorite Mexican restaurant" | KFAN 100.3

I love Chipotle, and I also love Taco Bell just like the rest  of America. I would argue that those two restaurants are different enough to fall into different categories but according to a Harris Poll that published recently, they're comparatively the same. And after two straight years of ruling the world, Chipotle was just dethroned by Taco Bell as "America's Favorite Mexican Restaurant".

Taco Bell's tireless implementation of new menu items supported by viral marketing campaigns have paid off for the fast food chain. As of 2018, the more than 7,000 Taco Bell serve more than 2 billion customers a year.

Other notable mentions in the running for this year's award, Moe's Southwestern Grill, Qdoba, Del Taco and Baja Fresh.

I utter this phrase all the time but it has never had the amount of meaning that it has after this news today...

"Cheesey Gordita Crunch FTW!"

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