Brian Robison restructures contract to return to Vikings | KFAN 100.3 FM

Photo: Getty Images

News broke yesterday via Instagram that Vikings defensive end and 12-year veteran Brian Robison would be returning to the Minnesota Vikings for another season in 2018. 

There was some thought with his absence at TCO, the point in his career and the money that he was standing to make that B-Rob may or may not return this season, but then the Vikings and Brian sat down at the negotiating table.

Joining The Power Trip Morning show this morning Robison said that he "knew he wanted to play a little longer."

"We renegotiated," Robison told KFAN. "I ended up taking a pay cut."

The terms are unknown at this point but will soon give the Vikings even more flexibility in what's already becoming a crowded salary cap.

"It was a good decision for me and my family. I wanted to see if we can do what I planned to do from the beginning and bring a championship to Minnesota"

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