Nintendo is releasing a special Gold Famicom Mini | KFAN 100.3 FM

Photo: Nintendo

Just a few days ago news dropped that Nintendo would be re-releasing the NES Classic at a lower cost after the success of their first release a few years ago. Now, more news from Nintendo as they have shared they'll be releasing a gold plated Famicom Mini to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the manga magazine Weekly Jump.

If you're wondering what the Famicom is, you're probably not alone. The Nintendo Entertainment Systems (The NES) was originally released in Japan under the name Famicom (short for Family Computer) so it's essentially the first version of the original Nintendo as we know it today.

The Gold Famicom Mini will only be released in Japan and will cost approximately $73 but if it floats your boat, i'm sure you could get your hands on one via Internet order. It's scheduled to be released on July 7th in Japan.

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