Bald eagle swoops in and snatches a fox that's carrying a rabbit! | KFAN

Random fact that none of you asked for. I'm obsessed with bald eagles. I just think they are the coolest animal in all of the animals. Birds of prey in general are fascinating but man are eagles the king of them all or what?

That brings us to this video below. Let me set the scene for you...

First, a fox kit (baby fox) catches and kills a rabbit. Dinner is on! As he's hopping through the plains to take his dinner home he starts to freak out a bit. Why you ask? BECAUSE A BALD EAGLE IS SWOOPING IN TO SWIPE HIS DINNER!

The eagle snatches the rabbit, not the fox, with it's talons which is crazy in and of itself and a midair fight breaks out. The fox kit furiously starts swatting at the eagle to save it's dinner, ultimately the eagle wins and the fox lives. Considering that the Eagle would have probably eaten them both, I think the fox should count its lucky stars.

Check out the video below...

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