Dude gets ejected from car, lands on roof and walks away from crash | KFAN

So this is bonkers.

Below you'll see a video of a guy getting ejected from a car, flying onto the roof of a house and then walking away...oh yeah that guy was a car thief.

Here's the description...

This is the shocking moment a car thief leading police on a high speed chase crashes, sending their passenger somersaulting through the air in Ponta Grossa, in the Brazilian state of Parana. Local media report that police had been in pursuit of the stolen car for just one mile before the car was thrown into the air. The passenger is currently under observation in a local hospital. He will be taken to give a statement to investigators when he is discharged, according to reports. The driver suffered only minor injuries and was arrested for receiving stolen goods, dangerous driving and disobedience.

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