Here is Minnesota's favorite 90s Cartoon | KFAN 100.3 FM

The 90s had to be the heyday of cartoons. Cable TV was turning into a beast so there were a few more channels out there to experiment with some new ideas but there we're 1,000 channels to spread everything far and wide.

Saturday mornings were the best, but then cartoons expanded into what is now a 24/7 industry, but the 1990s have to reign supreme.

Using IMDB ratings and Google Trends, put together the ultimate list of the favorite 90s cartoon in each state. 

I'm talking Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Pokemon, Batman, Doug, Recess and many, many more.

As for Minnesota's's the PBS classic Arthur!

Here are a few more favorites for the rest of the FAN Radio Network...

North Dakota - Dexter’s Laboratory

South Dakota - The Magic School Bus

Iowa - Batman: The Animated Series

Wisconsin - Recess

CLICK HERE to see the full list of all fifty states...

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