Ya'll...just the other day a meteor was on direct impact course with earth

Did you know that the world almost ended the other day, like for real?

Well sort of. There have only been two times in modern history that scientists have discovered an asteroid that was presently on a direct impact course with earth (2008 & 2014). Well a third time just happened a few days ago and we only had a few hours heads up!

On Saturday, June 2nd scientists discovered a meteor that was streaming straight at earth going 38,000mph. At the moment of discovery they weren't sure how big it was so there was some serious concern for a bit. Turns out the meteor was estimated to be about 6-feet in diameter and burned up as it was passing through the upper atmosphere putting on one heckuva light show above Botswana, Africa.

Still, WAY too close for comfort here, but check out these sweet videos...

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