Foul Ball Lands in Padres Fan's Beer - Then She Becomes a Crowd Hero

Being a Padres fan can be tough, and Tuesday night's game against the Atlanta Braves was shaping up to be just another disappointment for fans.

But when Ender Inciarte fouled one high and straight back into the stands of Petco Park, the ball improbably landed in Gabby DiMarco's cup of beer. After realizing what happened, DiMarco stood, saluted the crowd, and did the only thing anyone would do in that situation - finish her cup of beer.

The San Diego native spoke with about her incredible catch saying she wasn't expecting to become a viral star when she went to Petco Park that night. 

"It bounced from behind me, I was trying to catch it all, and it landed in my cup," she said. "Then everyone’s like, ‘Chug it, chug it!’" 

Her friend told MLB's AJ Cassavell that DiMarco "was going to chug it anyway." 

Oh, by the way, the Padres did end up losing to the Braves, 14-1. 

At least fans got to witness one spectacular catch at the game. 

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