The Milwaukee Brewers spoof 'Dumber and Dumber' with new promo | KFAN

My goodness do the Brewers have something special going on right now in Milwaukee!

Sure they're seated in first place atop the National League Central at the current moment, but I'm referring more so to their creative department off the field who just hit another gigantic home run in their promotion for an upcoming giveaway for a Mini Replica Bullpen Car.

Remember back in March when they spoofed 'The Sandlot' during Spring Training with an eerily authentic re-creation video? Well, they've done it again with this fantastic re-creation of one of the more iconic scenes from 'Dumb and Dumber'.

Check this thing out...

Meanwhile, if any one from the Brewers creative marketing department wants to come across the border and work at KFAN, let me know!   

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